Reiki improved so many things, I mentioned I felt ‘a bit blocked’ chakra wise when I arrived and opening my heart chakra has made me a more positive, tolerant, less ego driven person.

I just feel at peace and use reiki to resolve any challenging feelings within myself. I feel more connected to other people. It’s been amazing! Thank you so much Adrienne.



The weekend training was great, very relaxed with lovely people, the meditations where powerful and the energy in the hut was amazing and hot !


Pet Groomer

I loved doing reiki I feel so much more chilled. The on going support was massively helpful for me. Feel like I was the only one that needed assistance and forced myself to stop asking questions and try to go just go with the flow. I wish I had found this years ago …… like age 16!


After school provision manager

I recently did a refresher of the TBP, and sometimes get stuck, so I booked a session with Adrienne Green who has known me for quite a few years now and knows I tend to think in pictures.

“We had the most amazing session as she very easily describes examples and relates them to a profession I used to have and its so visual, meaningful and Adrienne is very descriptive and makes it fun!
Just from todays session I have had 3 huge things happen which make my heart sing! So I can highly recommend her to show you a way to change your life and have the life you want.”


Sound Healing Therapist

Towards the end of last summer, I balanced on living in a home that was peaceful and quiet, having spent 18 months renting in the middle of a busy noisy town. This year in May I was offered a property to live in that is halfway up a mountain, so perfectly peaceful and quiet, I jumped at the chanced and moved. The best bit is, it was the property that I had been admiring but was seemingly out of my price range to buy, little did I know that my Landlord was buying it and specifically wanted me, as an excellent tennant, to rent it ……Win Win. I’ve recently made a huge change and decided to go to University, I literally applied a couple of weeks before the start date of the course. I balanced it and got accepted and now thoroughly enjoying being a student at this stage in my life, along side being a Trainer in TBP. I hope that this may be of inspiration and encouragement to you on your Balance journey to creating all that you want.

 ‘Well meeting me can be dangerous!

I can now confirm with just one meeting with me, a person’s life has changed beyond belief ….

A little over a month ago, I was chatting with a gentleman about booking a room to run a workshop. All perfectly normal, then I asked him about his life and whether or not he enjoyed his work ?

It turns out his passion was flying airplanes and he even had a commercial licence but referred to this area of his life as ‘an expensive hobby’ I of course agreed, it will always be this, because he was limiting his own potential by this self talk.

As you can guess he had a whistle stop intro into TBP and balanced himself with his passion. Within a week he gave in his notice at work and Monday starts his new career !!!

Up up and away ….’



Adrienne has been supporting me through a challenging time with her incredible knowledge, experience and practice of healing crystals and reiki via zoom. I have had quite a few sessions and each time I feel a little closer to the person I was and need to be (for me!)

Thank you Adrienne, you give far more than you can imagine 🙏

Furniture maker

Many of you may know that the universe dealt me some personal tragedies over the past 12 months. Rather than sitting back and waiting for help to come to me(the mental health service list is VERY long in the UK) or continue taking the pills that were offered, I instead made a choice and with the help of some good friends I came through the otherside.

How? I learnt The Balance Procedure.

Such was the benefit of balancing my energy everyday that within only a couple of months and with medical support, I stopped taking the pills that were given to me at the start of the tragic period.

Such was the benefit that earlier this year, I qualified as an energy Practitioner in The Balance Procedure and can now share this ‘miracle’ which has CHANGED MY LIFE!


MD, HR Company

My husband has not been working for the last 5 weeks, we relied on his income. I balanced on trusting the Universe would provide and we have been blessed with monies to not only pay our monthly outgoings, but to pay for an airbnb when we go away in December.


Thank you so much for delivering TBP LEVEL 1 to me. It was a real pleasure to finally be able to do it. Can’t believe it was so efficiently delivered over two session on zoom. Technology definitely has its upside and it connects us even though we might be several miles away.

It took me maybe 8/9 years to finally agree to give it a shot. It made so much sense when Adrienne was patient and fully explained the cards and how they work and the symbols and then see how it actually works. She answered all our questions well. It’s only a small pack of cards but has so much value on them.

A lot of useful facts and tips were learned over the two sessions.

I found the water molecules theory really fascinating and that’s what’s stuck with me. The affirmations have a positive effect on us as we are about 70% water. A real simple technique that we can use first thing in the morning and last thing at night amd doesn’t take minutes.

I am happy to have done this and hopefully it will bring a lot of Positivity into my life and know it will help me . I am working hard on making it a daily practice infact twice daily.

Hopefully I can do level 2 in the near future to help me further my understanding.

I have to go and balance a few times on some days if something’s ticked me off or I feel out of sorts. It’s a handy tool. I am postive it will be a game changer. The affirmations are so useful as I write them down in my 5 min journal which I bought a while ago and had been filling it and then stopped but restarted.

For far too long I have been in fight and flight mode and it isn’t serving me. I was trying so hard doing meditation techniques and when I wasn’t getting it done I felt I was failing, but this doesn’t take long at all and is easily achievable.Hopefully this will help me develop my intuition and then leads me what I need to do next. Thank you very much.’


Adrienne is so insightful and her Fire Reiki journeys are something else! Every time I have the most amazing experience which is always relevant to the moment and provides me with the information that I need to move forward.

I highly recommend Adrienne in whichever capacity you have been drawn to her as she has vast experience and knowledge in many areas.

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