with Adrienne Green

Lighting up your true potential

What is The Balance Procedure

This dynamic tool quickly transforms any limiting beliefs/fears, without the need to discuss any past personal details/dramas. 

How can it help me?

Because you are taught how to use it for yourself, it will immediately put you back into your own personal power, maybe for the first time in your life!

Helping You Reach Your Highest Potential

Find your natural balance. Create the reality you desire

Being in balance is actually our natural state of being from which we can begin to create to our highest potential.

By aligning our thoughts and our feelings we can create the reality we really want, as opposed to the one we fear.

This state of fear may become our default setting if we do not take action.

Through the Balance Procedure, you will learn just how powerful your emotions are and why we have them.

I liken them to my own personal SatNav, showing me immediately when I am slipping out of alignment or Balance.

The Balance Procedure draws from:


Colour therapy

Positive affirmations

Sacred Geometry





Planetary influence



Physical Body Aspects

Where and when?

The procedure to check and rebalance only takes moments to do.

This can be achieved by either using the nine symbol cards or the app, so it really can be done anywhere and at anytime, no need to wait until your next appointment with a professional.



Book and Cards


Plus P&P

Accredited Workshop


Practitioners' Workshop


What next?

The Balance Procedure has been described as a ‘tool for our times’, quick simple and easy to do … effectively putting the fun back into life!

 So, if your thoughts and your feelings are creating your reality, let’s make it amazing.

Join me for either a personal one to one or book onto one of the accredited workshops to discover more about this and how to apply it to your life.