Moon Meditations

The Illuminator

Lighting up your true potential

What is the importance of the moon?

 As you probably already know, the Moon is strongly linked to our emotions and influences our tides. Because our bodies are mainly made up of water, we feel her (yes, the Moon is considered female) energy more strongly and just as she affects our oceans, we too can feel emotional and overwhelmed when her point is high.

That is not to say you have to hide away during her peaks – far from it. Consider that once you have become aware, you can manage your life with much more ease and grace.

Using the Full Moon energy to support you in letting go of old habits, patterns, or possessions is powerful.

Not only do you have the moon cycle to support you, but there is also the aspect of astrology and understanding which sign is prominent so you can again reflect and use it’s key qualities to nurture your life.

How can Moon Meditation help you?

More and more people are becoming aware of the importance of mindfulness, and meditation is one way to achieve it.


  • Practising will allow you to become more focused on the present moment.
  • You will gain a couping habit for when times become stressful
  • A reduction in negative emotions
  • You will receive clarity and a new perspective on various situations
  • And a sense of more patience for yourself and others

I have been delivering full moon meditations for many years, and I love to see how people can grow in confidence and peace as they begin to use this regularly.

I will be guiding you the whole time. We will explore the relevant aspects of the cycle and astrology and how you can apply them to your own life.

You then have a guided meditation supported by myself and the higher realms, and once I bring you back, we can discuss anything you experienced.

Taking it to the next level

Recorded meditation

I am now taking this meditation to the next level!

 An experience led to this change from one of my students, who couldn’t attend one session, so I sent her a recording. She could listen to the meditation whilst Moon Bathing in the comfort of her own home.

 I quickly realised just how powerful this was and decided to offer the full Moon this way.