Soul-Centred Crystal Healing

with Adrienne Green

Lighting up your true potential

Join me Adrienne Green, from the peaceful setting of The Nest, under a magnificent Oak Tree at the Wild Oak Workshops.

This stunning purpose built log cabin has been especially designed, using English Oak to create a tranquil space.
Discover how to connect to the ancient wisdom of the trees.
No previous meditation experience necessary! You will be guided to connect with mother earth and her trees.
You will learn how to still your mind, heart and soul, by listening to the ancient wisdom, available to us all.
Learn to step back from the constant rush and bustle of modern day life and begin to live in more harmony with the seasons. Be in the natural flow of our planets energy.
  • Places are limited, so please prebook.
  • Refreshments will be available afterwards and time to discuss anything that might come to mind, following the meditation, in a safe and supporting environment (please advise me of any allergies)
  • Please wear sturdy footwear/boots as you will be walking through the garden to The Nest. Please remember this is a seasonal event, so be prepared for different conditions underfoot.
  • There will be a warm welcome from the wood burner during the colder months and during the better weather the meditations may be held outside.
  • Winter Meditation – Rest and go within for your guidance £15 per session.
  • If you are unable to attend in person, the meditations can be joined live on Zoom or you can receive a recording.
Connect with nature

So what is tree meditation?

The main aim is to reconnect people with nature’s rhythms, understanding the changes of the seasons and being more mindful to connect to the flow, rather than busy, busy all the time.
  • Winter is a time to take the clue from nature and rest/ go within
  • Spring is a time for new growth and focusing on your desires
  • Summer – what we focus on begins to grow
  • High summer – our ideas and seedlings flower
  • Autumn is a time to harvest the fruits of our labour
and so the cycle begins again.
If we have not rested properly in Winter we do not have the energy/reserves to spring into life.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Together with this we explore the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and how to support our various organs at each season, through nutrition and movement.